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So what’s your favorite device? Do you own an ipad or perhaps a Microsoft Surface? Do you carry a small laptop or a tablet? Everybody has a different preference and we all love our gadgets! With the explosive growth in mobile devices comes the challenge of how to make a website or landing page look good across platforms. The answer is responsive website design. Good website designers can easily find the right design that adjusts smoothly to the smart phones, laptops, pcs and tablets on the market.

Responsive and Adaptive website design is now the standard in website design. Our custom websites are built to respond to any size device. The content changes and artwork is resized to be pleasing to the eye and meet search standards.


Because we are a population on the move! In fact, the trend toward using mobile devices has expanded so much that our largest search engine provider, Google, is removing all sites that are not mobile friendly or responsive from their mobile search index in 2015. That’s huge. So whether you agree or disagree with the trend, it’s here. And if your web material is not mobile friendly it won’t be seen by mobile users.


This is our favorite kind of project. Customers that are ready for redesign know what they want and more importantly already know what they don’t want. If you have great content on your current site but need a facelift, our team can re-work the pages to build a whole new theme.

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